Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pug Puppies or Little China Dolls

Pug puppies and dogs first came from China, where they were known as "Fu" dogs, several hundred years before Christ. Yet also, it's known that this particular breed was at home in Russia, France, and later England, before coming to the United States and being accepted by the AKC in 1885. Pug puppies are very intelligent and clean, with pleasant personalities. They are short hairs and rarely shed, and thrive in most environments, although you do want to avoid extreme temperatures. They don't drool and tend to train well. Pug puppies are also very smart and clean. They are really ideal pets, since they're also good with children and the elderly, and great watchdog, too!

Pug puppies fur can be either apricot, black, fawn, or silver. They normally attain heights of ten to eleven inches, and weigh in at approximately fourteen to eighteen pounds. Pug puppies also have big heads with large and expressive faces. Their visages are clearly defined with wrinkles and their eyes are globular shaped. They're very proportioned and muscular, with a high set, curled tail.

Once you've decided that pug puppies are for you, you may want to find a reputable breeder. You will also wish to see a litter so that you can see for yourself how a healthy pup looks and acts, and how all the puppies interact together.

For the first time buyer of pug puppies, there are a few simple tips to follow. For instance, you'll notice that an appropriately socialized puppy will welcome humans and friendly overtures, like extended hands and picking the dogs up. You shouldn't select the most aggressive pug puppy, nor the timid one who hides behind his mother, unless you want extra challenges in rearing and training your pug puppies. Today's pug puppies have been selectively bred, so that they do not present the cropped ears of the ancient pugs, but do display those beautiful and dark velvety soft ears. Your pug puppies you will also find - are the most accommodating little toy dogs! You couldn't ask for a better friend and pet!