Monday, November 2, 2009

Free To Good Home Dogs

Finding free to good home dogs is not as hard as one might think. free to good home dogs are and always have been quite a common occurrence. People who can�t afford or don�t want to raise a litter of pups may be willing to give them away for free once they reach the proper age. It is very important that you do not remove the puppies from their mother too early or they may die. The mother is necessary to feed and care for her young as only a mother can.

You can find free to good home dogs in some very common places. Your local newspaper may have advertisements offering free to good home dogs in the classifieds section. You may see a free to good home dogs sign posted on a telegraph pole in your neighbourhood. If you are willing to keep your eyes open, you�ll be surprised just how many free dogs there are on offer.

Once you have found free to good home dogs that suit your needs, you may find the owner is reluctant to give the dogs away to just anyone. After all, free to good home dogs does stipulate a good home. If you look rough or like you might not take the best care of their puppies, they may refuse to give you a free dog. The owner may also refuse to give you a dog if you know very little about caring for a puppy. At the end of the day it is their decision who they give their free to good home dogs to.

Don�t take the first free dog that you see advertised either. Free to good home dogs may be free for a reason. Maybe the parents are dangerous, maybe the puppies are diseased and require an expensive visit to the veterinarian before they will be healthy. Make sure that you chose a breed of dog that suits you and your family. There is no point buying a large dog if you live in a small apartment for instance. Keep your eyes open and keep searching and you just might find free to good home dogs that are perfect for you.