Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All About Pet Dog Tags

Pet dog tags are metal tags worn around your dogs neck that house identifying information, like its owners address and phone number, the dogs name and its registration number. Pet dog tags can come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized to suit your dog and its personality. Pet dog tags can be brought in a number of different places, the most common being at your local pet store.

Almost all pet stores carry pet dog tags. They usually have a large board sporting all sorts of different colours and sizes. You can buy your dogs tags in almost any style you desire. Owners of small, cute dogs may wish to get their pet dog tags in the shape of a bone or a dog house, whereas the owners of larger breeds of dogs may want standard, classic round tags to suit their dog.

Many people make their own pet dog tags. They can be made out of almost anything you have lying around, old strips of metal, coins or even beer caps. The best part about making your own pet dog tags is that it will be completely unique for your dog and no one else will have anything quite like it.

If you decide to make your own pet dog tags, ensure you make it large enough to include all your dogs personal information. Standard pet dog tags should include the animals full name, a phone number where the owner can be reached and an address. All this information is necessary in case your dog gets lost or runs away. Any engraver can etch this information onto your pet dog tags for a small fee.

When deciding on which pet dog tags are right for your dog, make sure you have a look around at the different pet dog tags that are available. You may want something common, but you may find it hard to resist something a little bit more interesting.