Friday, October 9, 2009

Why Funny Dogs Make The Best Pets

Funny dogs make the best pets because they can keep the whole family entertained. Forget the television and radio, funny dogs are a lot cheaper and a lot more rewarding in the long run.

What makes funny dogs actually seem funny? That�s all up to the audience. Most people would agree that a dogs appearance is what makes it most amusing. Certain breeds of dog are very comical, such as bloodhounds or dachshunds. They both have extremely long ears that they can trip over and long, clown like eyes that just seem to beg with a simple glance.

Some people believe that funny dogs get their traits from the way they act. Some dogs seem amusing if they act a little crazy. Some dogs are more easily excitable than others and as soon as they see some new company they will chase their tail or jump up and down for hours on end. These kinds of funny dogs usually tire themselves out very quickly and can�t keep it up for too long.

Many people believe that some funny dogs are comical just for acting like themselves. Some funny dogs seem that way because they may bark at inanimate objects like a hot barbeque or a tree. Some dogs may chase cars or urinate in places where they shouldn�t. These poor dogs don�t even realise they�re being funny dogs.

Funny dogs can brighten your day and put a smile on your face. They can bring almost anyone out of a depressed frame of mind, which is why dogs are one of the most popular pets around. Dogs are usually always doing something that someone will find amusing, which is why funny dogs are so common and so popular.

When purchasing a dog, consider funny dogs. They will keep the kids entertained for hours, are a great way to meet new people and are a sure way to put a smile on you face after a long day at the office. Funny dogs really do make the best pets.