Saturday, October 17, 2009

Which Girl Dog Names Suit Your New Pet?

There are many girl dog names out there to choose from and deciding on which one best suits your new pet can be a tricky decision. Choosing a name for a pet that can live for anywhere up to twenty years is not a decision to be taken lightly, you will have to put up with it for a long time, after all. Girl dog names can be the most difficult to decide upon, depending on what kind of a personality the dog has, or what kind of appearance you want to give him.

Girl dog names can be cute and cuddly or mean and vicious, depending on what kind of a person you are and what kind of a dog you own. You may even decide to name your pet something that is the complete opposite of her appearance � calling a Doberman �Fluffy�, for instance. Most people don�t do this and opt for a meaner name, like �tank�

Those kinds of girl dog names are unisex and may apply to either male or female dogs. Unisex girl dog names are quite popular, because they are usually easier to come up with. Unisex girl dog names may include such names as Bacon, Sox or Phantom.

Most people will choose girl dog names that are pretty and girly, however. This is because women will usually buy a female dog, whereas a male will want a male dog and a female is more likely to choose girl dog names that are cute, like �Muffy�

Girl dog names can differ greatly to boys dog names. Girl dog names usually represent their owner and are suited to smaller, cuter dogs, like �Tinkerbell�. Not all girl dog names are so cute though, some are can be mean and aggressive. Names such as these are usually suited to larger female breeds of dog, like Dobermans and Boxers.

Girl dog names can be either cute and cuddly or mean and vicious. Which ever way you decide to go, make sure that it suits your breed of dog. Girl dog names should also represent their owners personality. If you are a mean biker, give your dog a mean name, if you are a professional, give your dog a professional name. Which ever kind of girl dog names you have to decide from, just make sure its something you can live with.