Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is There Such A Thing As Human Grade Dog Food?

There is such a thing as human grade dog food. Basically it�s just dog food made with the finest ingredients available. In fact, they�re so good that it�s fit for human consumption! The manufacturers of human grade dog food aren�t suggesting that you go out and actually try eating it for yourself; they�re just saying that it�s the best possible food for your dog to eat.

People like to spoil their dogs. Americans spends billions and billions of dollars each and every year treating their pet dogs to all sorts of food and accessories that they don�t even need. It�s no wonder that a dog food manufacturer made human grade dog food. People are always looking for the new and better way to spoil their pets and what better way than giving them something you could eat yourself.

Human grade dog food has a lot of ingredients in it that we eat ourselves on a daily basis. The main ingredient is usually some kind of meat. Beef or chicken are always a dogs favourite. Normal dog food manufacturers will find the cheapest nastiest grade of meat that they can and throw it in their dog food, but the manufacturers of human grade dog food buy only the nicer cuts if meat. I�m not saying they by the finest cuts of meat, but the meat they use is fit for human consumption.

There are many places where you can buy human grade dog food. Your local pet store will stock many different brands of human grade dog food and will also be able to give you lots of useful advice on which brand is best for your particular breed of dog. Your local supermarket will also stock human grade dog food, but probably won�t be able to give you any advice on what brand is best for your breed of dog. If you want to look even further, try searching on the internet. You are sure to find many different brands at very competitive prices.