Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Are Free Dog Adoptions The Right Choice For You?

free dog adoptions provide dogs free of charge to good homes. There are many reasons why someone may want to give away free dogs. The most common reason is that the owner cannot or is not willing to shell out the required funds to adequately care for a litter of pups. An owner may be willing to part with their dog if they are moving to a smaller or less appropriate environment. You may also find free dog adoptions from owners who have disobedient or mean dogs and are no longer willing to take responsibility for them. That is why it is important to meet the dog before you agree to take it in.

A lot of people own dogs and refuse to get them sterilised. The most common reason for free dog adoptions is because of an unwanted litter of pups. When people unfairly let their dogs wander the streets unattended, they may meet other dogs and do what comes naturally. Owners who do not want too many dogs to care for then initiate free dog adoptions. You can find these kinds of free dog adoptions advertised almost anywhere ranging from classifieds in your local newspaper to homemade signs on the street corner.

Free dog adoptions are popular because of one special word � free. A lot of people think they�re getting a great deal because they�re getting something for free. You have to remember the age old saying, you get what you pay for. A lot of people give away dogs in free dog adoptions because one or both of the parents were strays, who notoriously have bad genes, which can lead to excessively mean dogs, or just plain stupid dogs.

You have to ensure you don�t get a vicious dog in free dog adoptions. A dog can be placid and easy going until he gets out of familiar environments. Getting rid of such a mean dog may prove harder than you thought, leaving you with no other option than to get it put down. You could always try to get rid of it in your own free dog adoption, but that wouldn�t be fair to the dog or to the poor future owners of your unwanted friend.