Friday, July 24, 2009

What Is The Most Popular Chihuahua?

People are always trying to figure out what is the most popular Chihuahua. There are many different breeds of Chihuahua available today. They all originate out of Mexico and are very small, very fragile dogs. To figure out what is the most popular Chihuahua, you have to consider the environment that you’re looking at.

Chihuahuas are very popular in Hollywood at the moment. All the female teen heart throbs have their very own Chihuahua as a fashion accessory. These dogs go everywhere with their owners, which isn’t hard considering the size of them! If you were to ask any of these girls what is the most popular Chihuahua, they would all nominate their own!

There is probably more truth in that last sentence that you may realise. There are different types of Chihuahuas, but ask anyone what is the most popular Chihuahua and they will all answer “Tinker belle”! Tinker belle is the famous Chihuahua that belongs to Paris Hilton. Tinker belle goes absolutely every where with Paris from the shopping mall to the red carpet. Everyone knows tinker belle, who even has her own doggy fashion line.

So when trying to figure out what is the most popular Chihuahua, don’t be so narrow minded. The most popular Chihuahua may not be a certain type of Chihuahua, but one Chihuahua in particular. Tinker belle stars in all the main fashion magazines alongside Paris and even starred on television with her in two separate series of the simple life. Tinker belle rally has reached celebrity status, being stopped on the street and asked for her autograph, well perhaps paw print, is a common occurrence for her these days.