Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cute Names For Girl Dogs

Deciding upon cute names for girl dogs is a very straight forward process. Deciding on what a cute name is really depends on the kind of person that you are. There are some universally cute names for girl dogs that anyone will agree suit a cute dog. Clich├ęd names like Miffy, Buffy or anything else ending in the letter Y are usually deemed to fall into the cute category.

Children’s fairytales are a great place to find cute names for girl dogs. Everyone’s favourite socialite, Paris Hilton, named her pet dog Tinker belle from the children’s classic, Peter Pan. This name is now world famous again, not from the many Peter Pan remakes, but from Paris, who has once again made Tinker Belle a household name.

Other children’s tales where you can find cute names for girl dogs include any Disney film ever made. All these stories involve cute characters, usually with equally cute names. Minnie, Daisy, Nemo, these are all disgustingly cute names, all suitable for a female dogs.

Cute names for girl dogs can also be found by utilising the internet. There are whole sites dedicated to helping you decide upon cute names for girl dogs. They let you decide upon a name based on its meaning, the amount of syllables it contains, or some simply list them in alphabetical order. It all depends on the owner of the site and how thorough they want to be or how much of a gimmick they want to provide.

People usually make up cute names for girl dogs based on their favourite possessions or experiences. Cute names for girl dogs can be almost anything, even house hold items, such as socks or mittens.

When deciding upon cute names for girl dogs, please take the dogs feelings into account. It is cruel to buy a large mean looking pit bull, and then name it buttercup. The dog may never know, but she’ll be a laughing stock everywhere she goes!