Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beagle Puppies: Famous and Lovable Brits

Yes, the beagle is from Great Britain. Beagle puppies will grow to approximately 18-30 pounds. There are three types when it comes to height: those over 13-15 inches, those under 13 inches, and those over 15 inches, which do not qualify as show dogs. Beagle puppies grow coats that are smooth, short, and thick. They are often multicolored. Beagle puppies belong to the hound group.
Beagles are especially designed to hunt. From their early days, beagle puppies start to show that they are keen and determined, with their particular call, their so-called ”bay”, while hunting.

Beagles were a little different during the era of King Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Sometimes they were wire-haired, and they were quite small, often carried in hunting coats or saddle baskets! Now and then, you do see such tiny beagle puppies in a litter, but not often.

Beagles were imported during Colonial times, into the colonies. They were invaluable as hunting dogs and in great demand. Then, throughout the next centuries, they continued to be a popular breed. For beagle puppies do not outgrow their diminunitive sizes and pleasant personalities. They are easy to maintain, with minimal grooming and also make great pets for children and the elderly!
Beagle puppies grow into long-lived adults who are top show dogs, with their active and enthusiastic strut and performances. Although these dogs are greatly appreciated, you have to be able to tolerate a bit of stubbornness and that baying bark. He's also curious and has a healthy appetite. To control some of the negative qualities, many breeders advocate solid training and crating.

Beagle puppies are not inexpensive. A pure bred may run from $300 - 800 dollars but normally these dogs are healthier and have a better start in life than those found in pet stores, etc. Thus, you may be able to avoid the vet visits on a more regular basis. These can get quite costly, and you want to protect your investments and your beloved companions, your beagles puppies. So, your initial cost is certainly worth it, in terms of your long-lived, loveable, healthy and happy beagle puppies.