Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Boxer Dogs Make Great Pets

Boxer dogs make great pets because they are both lovable and friendly. Boxer dogs can put a smile on just about anyones face with a simple glance in their direction because they have the most beautiful faces. They have sunken eyes and squashed noses and look unique compared to any other breed of dog. You can never mistake a boxer dogs for any other breed of dog.

Boxer dogs grow to be quite large, so you have to make sure you have adequate space if you plan on purchasing one as a pet. They will need a large back yard to run around and play in, if they are to live a full and happy life. Boxer dogs will also require a lot of exercise in the form of walks. You must walk your boxer everyday for around an hour if he is to stay healthy and happy.

Boxer dogs also require a lot of food. As I mentioned earlier, boxers grow quite large and require two large meals a day. You can’t just feed your boxer table scraps if you want him to be healthy, boxer dogs require proper dog food that has all the proper nutrients he needs. Boxers will also require a decent sized bone about once a week to clean their teeth. This is essential if you are to avoid teeth problems further down the track.

It is important for boxer dogs to socialise as well. A healthy social relationship with other dogs is imperative if you want your boxer to grow up with a good nature. boxer dogs must learn to share and get along with other dogs, otherwise they will become selfish and greedy. You can find other dogs for your boxer to socialise almost anywhere, your local park is probably the best place to start.

Boxer dogs are fun and friendly dogs that will make a worthy addition to any family. They get along well with other people and other dogs if they are raised properly and they can live for many years if they are looked after well. Boxer dogs are well worth investigating if you are contemplating what kind of dog would best suit your family.